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Swaziland - 10 Emalangeni Vision 2020 Hybrid

Umbuso weSwatini
Kingdom of Swaziland

The is a 10 Emalangeni Hybrid note printed by Giesecke & Devrient Germany. The design on this note is the same as previously issued except that the colour has changed from predominately blue to green. In addition to this, it has also added the text of "VISION 2022" printed vertically to the right of the note on the front and back. The tiny yellow donuts or circular dots which are printed on previous issues are also missing on this new note. This note is printed with the date of 6.9.2017.

The Vision 2022 is the wishes the King to see Swaziland becoming a first world nation by 2022. A first world nation is usually defined when a country is fully developed or industrialised. Swaziland is currently classified as a third world nation. In fact all the countries in the African continent are third world nations.

The front of the note features King Mswati lll and on the back with 9 females dancing in traditional costumes.

Ten Emalangeni
Dated 2017

Mauritania - 2013 Hybrid (2011-2015 Series)

Two Hundred Ouguiya
Dated 2013, P17, Numeral ٨٧٩
 Five Hundred Ouguiya
Dated 2013, P18, Numeral ٦٢٠
These are two Hybrid notes both dated 28.11.2013. Unlike previous issues, each note is printed with three Arabic Indic numeral on the from in vertical format, just to the right of the security thread. I am not sure why these are added to the design as each note (including the 100 Ouguiya) are also printed with these numbers and all are not the same. Are these numbers related to the printing plates or all notes printed with the same year have the same numbers?

Watermark: Portrait of an old man.  

Djibouti - 40 Francs 2017 40th Year of Independence

Djibouti - Anniversaire de la 40ème Année de l'Indépendance
 Djibouti - 40th Year of Independence Anniversary

The Republic of Djibouti was once a colony of France and independent came on 27.06.1977. Djibouti is a small country with a population of around 1.0M people. Djibouti is also a member of the United Nations, the Arab League and the Organisation of African Unity. The capital of Djibouti is also called Djibouti.

This note, issued in late November 2017,  celebrates the nation's 40th Anniversary of Independence from France 1977-2017 (40eme Anniversaire de L’Independence). On the front, it features a whale shark swimming along the colourful coral reef. The whale sharks can be seen along the coast of Djibouti throughout the year and become more common between the months October to February. On the back is the aerial view of Port of Djibouti with three cargo ships and loading cranes. The note is also printed with the Anniversary logo with the flag of Djibouti and the map of Djibouti too. The year date of 2017 is also printed vertically on the back.

Whilst the design of this note is very beautiful, I wonder why they picked the whale shark as the main feature. What has the whale shark got to do with the nation's independence? The note depicts the whale shark swimming along the coral reef and is surrounded by shadows/images of fishes including
star fishes, shark egg case and a seahorse. I may be wrong but at least one of the fishes looks more like a fresh water (domestic) type of fish. This note looks more like one of those novelty or fake note or homemade type especially on the front, like those ever increasing fake notes popping out every
now and then. I am still wondering why a denomination of 40 Francs and not a higher value as the 1000 Francs is the smallest note circulating in the country. The face value of this note is less that US$0.25!!

The signature on the note belongs to the Governor, Ahmed Osman Ali (acting). He has been on the job following the sudden death of the previous Governor Jama Mahmoud Haid in 2013.

Forty Francs
Dated 2017, DJ Prefix
Note: When I first saw this note, I could not believe that this is a genuine banknote. The design is very difference from current serious of banknotes. Obviously this could be that this note was printed by a difference security printing company. Then the nominal value of 40 francs? Why not 400 or 4,000 francs instead? There are so many "home made" picture banknotes today that one has to wonder if this is a real stuff!

Madagascar - 2017 Series Full Set

A complete set of new series of 8 notes from 100 Ariary to 20,000 Ariary. This is the first time a 20,000 Ariary is issued. If this 20,000 Ariary note is converted back to the previous currency. it would be the value of 100,000 Francs. These notes were issued in 2017 in two batches. The first 4 of the higher denominations were issued on 17.07.2017 and the remaining 4 notes were released on 18.09.2017. The 100 Ariary is a small size note measuring 114mm x 60mm, whilst the largest note, being the 20,000 Ariary is measuring 149mm x 81mm. There are no dates printed on the notes for this series. All notes are signed by the Bank Governor Alain Herye M Rasolofondraibe (appointed since 2014).

One Hundred Ariary (114mm x 60mm)
ND2017, P97 - Ambozontany Fianarantsoa Cathedral
Reverse - frog
Two Hundred Ariary (119mm x 63mm)
ND2017, P98 - Amber mountains waterfall
Reverse - baobab (tree)
Five Hundred Ariary (124mm x 66mm)
ND2017, P99 - Palace
Reverse - Ambohimanga hill
One Thousand Ariary (129mm x 69mm)
ND2017, P100 - Kamoro bridge
Reverse - natural rock formation
Two Thousand Ariary (134mm x 72mm)
ND2017, P101 - lemur, flower
Reverse - tropical pitcher plant
Five Thousand Ariary (139mm x 75mm)
ND2017, P102 - Parc de Ronomafana waterfall in Ranomafana Park
Reverse - humpback whale, Trou du Commissaire beach in Manakara
Ten Thousand Ariary (144mm x 78mm)
ND2017, P103 - port of Ehoala
Reverse - Valiha (tube) & Zafimaniry caved wodden objects
Twenty Thousand Ariary (149mm x 81mm)
ND2017, P104 - Sherritt Ambatovy nickle processing plant in Ambatovy
Reverse - vanilla, rice and lychees