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Madagascar - 2017 Series Full Set

A complete set of new series of 8 notes from 100 Ariary to 20,000 Ariary. This is the first time a 20,000 Ariary is issued. If this 20,000 Ariary note is converted back to the previous currency. it would be the value of 100,000 Francs. These notes were issued in 2017 in two batches. The first 4 of the higher denominations were issued on 17.07.2017 and the remaining 4 notes were released on 18.09.2017. The 100 Ariary is a small size note measuring 114mm x 60mm, whilst the largest note, being the 20,000 Ariary is measuring 149mm x 81mm. There are no dates printed on the notes for this series. All notes are signed by the Bank Governor Alain Herye M Rasolofondraibe (appointed since 2014).

One Hundred Ariary (114mm x 60mm)
ND2017, P97 - Ambozontany Fianarantsoa Cathedral
Reverse - frog
Two Hundred Ariary (119mm x 63mm)
ND2017, P98 - Amber mountains waterfall
Reverse - baobab (tree)
Five Hundred Ariary (124mm x 66mm)
ND2017, P99 - Palace
Reverse - Ambohimanga hill
One Thousand Ariary (129mm x 69mm)
ND2017, P100 - Kamoro bridge
Reverse - natural rock formation
Two Thousand Ariary (134mm x 72mm)
ND2017, P101 - lemur, flower
Reverse - tropical pitcher plant
Five Thousand Ariary (139mm x 75mm)
ND2017, P102 - Parc de Ronomafana waterfall in Ranomafana Park
Reverse - humpback whale, Trou du Commissaire beach in Manakara
Ten Thousand Ariary (144mm x 78mm)
ND2017, P103 - port of Ehoala
Reverse - Valiha (tube) & Zafimaniry caved wodden objects
Twenty Thousand Ariary (149mm x 81mm)
ND2017, P104 - Sherritt Ambatovy nickle processing plant in Ambatovy
Reverse - vanilla, rice and lychees

Madagascar - ND2008 Ariary Prints

Two Thousand Ariary
ND2008, P90b
Five Thousand Ariary
ND2008, P91b
Ten Thousand Ariary
ND2008, P92b

The Gambia - 1 Dalasi 1978 Commemorative Opening Ceremony of Central Bank Building

This is a One Dalasi commemorative note issued in 1978 celebrating the opening ceremony of the new Central Bank of The Gambia HQ building. The note is dated 18th February 1978. The design of this note on the front is the same as the 1 Dalasi first issued in 1972 with the portrait of the then President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara (b 1924, First President of Republic of The Gambia) and the reverse showing the Central Bank new building. This new building is located at Ecowas Avenue in Banjul, which is also the capital of The Gambia. The Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG) was established in 1971 when it took over the assets of the then Gambia Currency Board which was established on 01.10.1964. The CBG then issued it's first set of Dalasi notes with denominations of 1, 5. 10 and 25 Dalasi in 1972. Prior to that the country's used the Pound currency systems.

One Dalasi
Dated 1978, P8

Swaziland - 100 Emalangeni 2004 Central Bank Commemorative

One Hundred Emalangeni
2004, P33
The above note was issued in 2004 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Central Bank of Swaziland 1974-2004.