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Guinea - 1000, 5000 and 10000 Francs 2010 Currency 50th Anniversary Commemorative

I have added the two varieties for the 1000 and 5000 Francs commemorative notes. I have listed them with the references of P43b and P44b for ease of identification. The difference between these two are the two sets of serial numbers printed on the notes. On the bottom left hand side, the first print (P43a & P44a), you can see that the two letter prefixes printed are slightly taller (about 4mm) than the numerals (about 3.5mm height), whilst the same set of serial numbers for the second print (P43b & P44b) for the same denomination are all having the same height (all about 4mm height). Also the fonts for the serial numbers for both prints are not the same either. This is very obvious that these notes were printed by two difference security firms. The prints for P43a and P44a both have the Cornerstone features, which is a registered trademark of De La Rue since 2001. The purpose of the Cornerstone feature is to strengthen the corners of the note (to prevent the corners from folds or bends) which has been a problem for ATMs. However no other variety has been reported yet for the 10000 Francs piece.

Commemorating 50th Year of Guinean Currency
Notes issued in November 2010
One Thousand Francs
Dated 2010, P43a
One Thousand Francs (Variety)
Dated 2010, P43b
Five Thousand Francs
Dated 2010, P44a
Five Thousand Francs (Variety)
Dated 2010, P44b
Ten Thousand Francs
Dated 2010, P45

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