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Swaziland - 100 Emalangeni Hybrid

One Hundred Emalangeni, Dated 1.11.2010 PNLReverse


Anonymous said...

Hi paperbanknotes,
Nice one here esp with a low serial number.
Managed to learn a foreign word from this banknote too.
Lalikhulu, 100 :D

me said...

Hi WhyCollect,

African notes are getting very popular among collectors especially those earlier issues with French influences. I wish I can afford to buy them now LOL!

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Hi paperbanknotes,
Yes, agree with you.
In fact we find most banknote designs are very attractive, nowadays.
They are so adorable.
Arg, its a pity we are restricted by our limited financial resources and started banknotes collecting rather late.
With prices of collectibles keep on increasing, we just have to focus on mainly coins for the time being.
But frankly our love for these beautiful banknotes are always there though we don't have the chance to own them.
Ya, we especially like the French Indochina coins too.
Some of these previous aluminum coins are so beautiful.
Thanks a lot, paperbanknotes :)