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Morocco - 25 Dirham Hybrid 2012

25th Year of Banknote Printing at the Moroccan State Printing Works
Twenty Five Dirham
ND2012, PNL
Morocco 25 Dirhams 2012 Commemorative note. This is a Hybrid note printed by the company called Fortress Paper Ltd using the Durasafe substrate material, an innovative paper-polymer-paper composite produced at it's Landqart mill in Switzerland. Needless to say, the central bank of Morocco (Bank al Maghrib) is their first customer using the Durasafe substrate technology. With a new competitor entering the Polymer/Hybrid market, I am just wondering if we will see more of these notes in the very near future. This note commemorates the 25th year of banknote printing at the Moroccan State Printing Works, Dar As-Sikkah. Strange to have a commemorating note celebrating the country printing works and this note was printed in Switzerland. The note I have posted here has an Arabic character and "00" prefix and followed by 6 digits. As I do not read Arabic characters, I can't be sure but is this note that I have loaded a first prefix note? If you have any information, please let me know. Thanks.

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