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Saint Helena - 2012 Prints

Ten Pounds (First Note)
Dated 2012, P12b
Ten Pounds (Radar Note)
Dated 2012, P12b
These are two reprints of the 2004 issues of £10 and £20. The designs are the same and these new notes are printed with a new date of 2012 and with new signatures. The serial numbers for the £10 note commenced from P/1 400001 and A/1 150001 for the £20 note. It is believes that these two notes were released recently in 2014. Judging by the serial numbers of the last two previous issues, it looks like 100,000 pieces were printed for the £10 and 50,000 pieces for the £20 denomination. Saint Helena is a British Overseas Territory and has a very small population of less than 5,000, and any notes printed for a given series/year will tend to last for a very long time, and as such it is not surprised that it took so long for reprints/new notes to be reordered and issued. It is also believed that no notes of any denomination has ever been printed/issued with more than one letter/digit prefix, or even printed in full of a maximum of 1.0 million pieces on a single issue. The Saint Helena pound is also used in the Ascension Island, population 880+/-. The Ascension Island is located approximately 700 miles (1126.50 Kilometers) northeast of Saint Helena. The facsimile signatures on the notes are:- Andrew Wells, Paul Blessington, Anthony Kilner and Gillian Francis. 

Twenty Pounds (Serial Number commencing A/1 150001)
Dated 2012, P13b

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