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Nigeria - 100 Niara 2014 Commemorative Centenary 1914-2014

One Hundred Naira
Dated 2014
This 100 Naira Commemorative note was released on 19.12.2014. The note was purposely printed to celebrate the country's 100th year of amalgamation between the north and the south which formed the country Nigeria. The note is printed with the commemorative text of "Centenary 1914 - 2014". This is also the first note in the world that has been printed with the Quick Recognition (QR) Code. An interesting point about this note is that if you look carefully on the design, this note has no Arabic wring printed at all, unlike those previously issued. However the value is printed in three difference local languages. Are these the languages of the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo tribes? English is still the official language used in the country. Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa with population in excess of 174+ million. The country is basically divided into two with the Muslims majority in the north and the Christians majority in the south.

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