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Sudan - 1 Pound 2006 (2010) Hybrid Note

This is a Hybrid one pound note issued with the dated of July 9 2006 printed on the note. The design for this note is the same as the 2006 series (printed on synthec substrate material). The initial 2006 series only covered notes with prefixes from AA to AG (presumably 700 million pieces issued). These were first released on 10.01.2007 to the public for circulation. However in August 2010, the bank released another batch of one pound notes with the same design, date and signature but this time, these notes were printed on Hybrid material. Here are some facts about this Hybrid note; -

Prefix: AH (the only prefix issued)
Dated: 09.07.2006 (same as earlier issues but released in August 2010)
Quantity: 70 million pieces (as reported/claimed)
Printer: Sudan Currency Printing Press (SCPP) (as reported)
Signature: Dr Saber Mohamed Hassan (in office between 10.03.1998 to 07.03.2011)

Main features of design;
Front: flying dove, Central Bank of Sudan (CBOS) headquarter in Khartoum, map of Sudan, 13 drums.
Back: two flying doves, bank arms, sunflower.

In addition to the letter prefix, you can tell the differences between the Hybrid and the Paper notes. The Hybrid note is slightly heavier and feel thicker than the paper note. The dove watermark for the Hybrid note has a clearer and sharper image too. With so many pieces issued, it should be fairly easy to get one, given that the face value of this note is very nominal. I believe the replacement note is printed with the letter AJ, but I have no idea if this also applies to the Hybrid note too.

One Pound
Dated 2006, P64b?

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