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Seychelles - 2013 Central Bank 35th Year Commemorative

Ten Rupees
Dated 2013
One Hundred Rupees
Dated 2013
A set of two commemorative notes with face values of 10 and 100 Rupees. These two notes were issued in 2013 to commemorative the 35th Anniversary of the establishment of the Central Bank of Seychelles. The Monetary Authority was established in 1978. In 1983, it changed it's name to the Central Bank of Seychelles.

These two notes were issued in uncut sheets of 28/40 respectively. As no single notes were released to the public, these notes were privately cut into single notes. Normally this is not the way I would like to collect them, but getting sheets of 40 would create potential issues in storing them, if I can get them. Collecting them in full or even half sheet is never my style.

The design for these two notes are the same as the current issues except that the bank's logo of a swimming golden Aldabra giant turtle is added onto the watermark area on the front of the notes. Next to it, it also printed with the following texts - 35th Anniversary Central Bank of Seychelles. I believed the signature on both notes belong to Caroline Abel, the first female Governor of CBS.

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